When The Sun Stood Still!


Joshua 10:1-14

INTRODUCTION: In Joshua 10:12-14 we find the wonderful story of when the sun stood still. There are many people who believe the Bible is full of folklore or myth and perhaps no other story in the Bible has had more people say that this did not really happen because it is scientifically impossible.


Today we will look at three battles to see that with God nothing is impossible. The first battle is the historical battle that this story speaks to. After the fall of Jericho and the battle of Ai the entire land of Canaan was united under six kings and formed a league of nations to battle against Israel. This is just after the citizens of Gibeon fooled the leaders of Israel to make a treaty with them. Here is a warning for all of us to seek counsel of the Lord before we make our decisions: Joshua 9:14; Proverbs 3:5-6; James 1:5. Joshua made a vow to protect the Gibeonites and so he kept his word. In the battle he needs more time to destroy the enemy so he prays to the Lord by the leading of the Holy Spirit: Joshua 10:12. That is the historical battle. Now the philosophical battle was also fought and continues to this day. What kind of proof do we have that this story is true? Astronomically Joshua describes the position of the sun and moon on that day. Joshua 10:13. Our God who made the Laws of Nature is more than able to suspend those laws anytime He chooses to do so! There was also a heavenly battle going on here that is still being fought today: 1 Corinthians 10:11; Ephesians 6:10-18. We are fighting against spiritual forces today just as Joshua did in his day. Our Bibles are true and can be trusted. Joshua 1:8.


Our God’s Word is not only true but our God cares for His children. Joshua 10:14. We need to learn that our God will fight for us if we choose to be on His side. Joshua 5:13-14. Our God doesn’t come to take sides, our God comes into our situations to take over. When we choose to fall in line His plan God will fight for us as well. God not only fought for Israel but He will fight for you when you choose to get on His side: Romans 8:28-29.


Next we need to look at the great power of our God. Joshua 10:24-25. That same God is still fighting for His children today! Satan is a defeated foe and we are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ: Colossians 2:13-15. Our God has power to save and power to guide and power to keep His children in every circumstance life might throw at them. Psalm 23:4-6.


Our God had a mighty work here for Israel and He has a might work in mind for our time as well: Joshua 10:14. The sun one day will set for the last time: we must do the works of God while we have time: John 9:4. When will you decide to start witnessing for your Lord? A lot of things we feel are important now will no longer be important. The sun is setting on our time on this earth. John 9:4.