What Is Truth


John 18:28-40

INTRODUCTION:  Our Lord Jesus said: “Everyone on the side of truth listens to me.”  Pilot’s response was: “What is truth?”  Is truth abstract and unknowable or is truth concrete and embraceable?  In our culture today, people are still arguing about truth.  Today in our congress, our courts and even in our churches there is an argument over what is truth.


From the very beginning of time on this earth, Satan, the deceiver, has cast doubt in the minds of people regarding God, His Word, and the very essence of truth.  Genesis 3:1-5.  People today believe that there is no such thing as truth because everything is changing and relative.  God’s Word proclaims that there really is knowable truth.


Our Bible tells us that we have a Creator God who actually came into His creation! John 1:1-5.  John 1: 14 tells us who this Word is.  The Word is full of what?  Grace and truth!  The Word is the truth that reveals God to us.  Our God is the ultimate reality and the only unchanging source of truth in the universe which He created: Isaiah 44:6-8.  At His trial before Pontius Pilate Jesus turned the tables on Pilate claiming to be the truth!  John 18:33-38.  Pilot ended the session with a question that Jesus had already answered John 18:37.  The Bible declares that Jesus is God with us!  Matthew 1:23.  God, taking on flesh was prophesied long before it happened: Isaiah 9:6-7.  Humanity today is on a quest for truth.  But instead of being willing to submit to God’s truth mankind is continually asking “does truth really exist?”


 Our Lord Jesus Christ is the one Who is truth: John 1:14.  When Jesus was on this earth people touched Him, ate with Him, talked with Him, listened to His Words of truth and washed His feet and had Him wash their feet.  Jesus Christ is the only man of whom this is true: Hebrews 13:8.  God’s creation declares His glory and yet man’s depravity has created the lie of evolution: Romans 1:18-25.  Our Lord Jesus said that the Word of God is truth: John 17:17.  The apostle Paul under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit said God’s Word is truth: 2 Timothy 3:16-17.  The Book of Psalms claims that God’s Word is perfect: Psalm 19:7-11.  We as God’s children are to proclaim this truth.  The world may reject the truth but our job is to proclaim it anyhow: 1 Corinthians 1:18-25.  We, as believers must believe, love, and embrace what our Lord Jesus Christ claimed for Himself: John 14:6.