Three G’s Part 1


Matthew 5:21-28

INTRODUCTION:  We are facing many major issues that are decaying the very foundation on which our nation was established but often it is the little things, the minor things that go on in a nation that cause the most destruction: Song of Songs 2:15.  We look at our sins as Big sins that we need to stop and Little sins that don’t matter.  Do you know that in God’s eyes there are no big sins and little sins that don’t matter?  Matthew 5:21-22; Matthew 5:27-28.  In God’s eyes all sin is sin.  There are no big sins or little sins.  Today we will be looking at three G s which are little sins that many Christians just overlook.  Evagrius Ponticus gave us the seven deadly sins in the fourth century: 1. Wrath. 2. Envy. 3. Gluttony. 4. Lust. 5. Greed. 6. Sloth. 7. Pride.


      The sin of gluttony is hardly ever heard preached in the normal Christian assembly.  Why is that do you think?  Could it be that most pastors love to eat?  Could it be that the line between consuming food and committing the sin of gluttony is hard to define?  Gluttony is a habitual greed or excess in eating so that eating controls your thoughts and life.  Our lives should revolve around our relationship with our God, not food, not family, not pleasure.  All those things; food, family, and pleasure are good but when they take the place of God in our lives they are idols in our hearts.  Gluttony is more than a food thing; it is a heart thing.  God’s instruction when it comes to drink or food: Proverbs 23:20. God’s warning when it comes to food and drink; Proverbs 23:21.  Remember, our sins today will lead to our reality tomorrow.  Food is good, but we must be careful or it can lead us to put food in the place our God is supposed to hold in our hearts.  Our lives should not revolve around eating; our lives should revolve around our God.

      2.  THE SIN OF GOSSIP!

      The Bible warns us of the power of our words: Proverbs 18:21.  A man’s tongue weights only 70 grams or 2.74 ounces.  A woman’s tongue weights 60 grams or about 2.12 ounces.  But God’s Word speaking of that small organ says: Proverbs 16:28.  Gossip is never life-giving.  It is always life-taking.  What does God say about those who gossip?  Proverbs 20:19.  Gossip in the Bible is primarily seen as betraying confidence.  It is talking about someone else’s business and making things public that should remain private.  God uses two different Hebrew words in the Book of Proverbs to make up our one English word, Gossip!  (Rakil) “The informer or slanderer.”  This is the person that loves being the first one to know something so they can spread around what they believe to be true.  Leviticus 19:16; Proverbs 20:19; Proverbs 11:13.  (Nirgan) “The whisperer or talebearer.”  These are the people who have information about someone else that is damaging and destructive and they like to share it with others: Proverbs 18:8; Proverbs 26:20; Proverbs 26:22.  When we listen to gossip, even though we do not spread the gossip we are also guilty of sin.  Proverbs 10:19; Proverbs 21:23.  Our God gives us a lot of guidance in His Word on how to control our tongue and warnings for what will happen if we do not control our tongues.  God’s warning: Proverbs 6:16-19. Proverbs 18:17.  If we use our tongues to tear down instead of build others up we are doing something God hates!  There are three questions we should consider before we speak about others: 1. Is it my place to share this?  2. Would I say this out loud if they were standing here?  3. Does this need to be said?  Most of the time the answer will be no!  Ephesians 4:29-32.


      We all need to be very careful how we use the Name of our Lord.  Matthew 27:46.  When we are speaking to our God or about our God it is perfectly fine to use His Name.  But when we are using His name as an exclamation point we must understand that is a Big Deal to our Lord! When we use the Names of God it may not seem like a big deal to us but it is to our God!  When we try to cover our sin by saying when I use God’s Name like that I don’t mean anything by it!  That is exactly the problem! You are taking the Name of the Lord in vain!  The word “vain” means “empty or without purpose!”

We are to use God’s Name only when speaking to Him or about Him to others!  God’s Name is important to God: Exodus 3:14-15.  When you see the Name LORD in your Bible that is the YAHWEH or JEHOVAH and it is God’s Name.  Exodus 20:1-7.  When we take God’s Name in vain it reduces the holiness of His Name to something trivial or vulgar and it violates the third commandment!  Exodus 20:7.  God gives us instruction here but He also gives us a warning: If you chose to misuse His Name you will be punished!  Sadly to many Christians and perhaps even to some here this may seem like a little thing.  But is it a little thing to our God?  Taking God’s Name in vain can include using the Name God or Jesus as a form of profanity or as an exclamation point!

We must be also careful of what are called “euphemisms.”  Euphemisms are using words that sound like God’s names but using them just as if they were His Names.  Words like “Oh my gosh” “Geez” are euphemisms that we use as slang in the English language that sound like God or Jesus.  1 Thessalonians 5:22.  Sending texts that say OMG is just as bad as saying Oh My God!

      I believe God wants us to realize that some of the “small sins” we have accepted because to us they seem small are actually things God says “are big sins” and they are very important to Him even if they are not to us.  How can we respond to the Three G s?  The sin of gluttony, the sin of gossip, and the sin of taking the God’s Name in vain?

You can respond by continuing to believe it is just a small thing and I will just continue on doing it.  Or you can respond in a way that your God can bless by choosing to repent of it!  Matthew 4:17. 1 John 1:8-10. When we admit our sin and agree with God about it in honest repentance God will not only forgive our sin but He will purify us from all unrighteousness.