The Place Of Prayer In Spiritual Warfare


Ephesians 6:10-20

INTRODUCTION: Are you living as if the “spiritual battle” happening all around us between angels and demons, between light and darkness, between good and evil is real or is like a fantasy or a science fiction movie? Not one of us is immune to the results of the spiritual warfare that goes on every day of our lives. If the battle is invisible and spiritual how are we as soldiers of our God supposed to fight? Prayer is the closing theme of the book of Ephesians and is the very strategy God would have His children use to win the spiritual battle we are all in: Ephesians 6:18-20. The weapons of our spiritual warfare and prayer are integrally connected together. It is by prayer that we “stand firm.: It is by prayer that “we live by the truth.: It is by prayer “that we walk a righteous life.” It is by prayer “that we exercise our faith and gain wisdom from God’s Word.” We have access to all the armor of our God but if we do not by prayer put it on and use it; the armor of God will be useless to us! God has chosen prayer to be the way we can connect with the spiritual and eternal power of God in our lives!


Prayer is the energy of God that enables each Christian soldier to wear the armor of God and wield the sword of God! Prayer that is full of faith and trust in our God sets free the power of God in our lives! Ephesians 6:18. We should be consistent in our praying! We should pray in the Spirit and at all times! 1 Thessalonians 5:17. How often are you and those you love subject to an attack by our spiritual enemies? A surprise attack has defeated more than one believer. We must “pray without ceasing!” Look for the word all in this verse: Ephesians 6:18. We should pray alertly and continually. We are to watch and pray: Matthew 26:40-41. To watch and pray is the secret to win our spiritual battles. We do not fight or pray alone: Matthew 6:9. You might ask: “Does my prayer make any difference?” James 5:16. Remember the acronym: A.C.T.S. Adoration; Confession; Thanksgiving; Supplication.

      II.       WHY WE SHOULD PRAY!

Please remember, prayer is not preparation for the battle; prayer is the battle! It is through our prayers to our God that we find the strength to fight against our spiritual enemies! Paul has told us in this passage how we are supposed to pray. Now he reminds us why we should pray: Ephesians 6:19-20. Paul did not ask them to pray that he might be set free from prison. What did he ask them to pray for? “that whenever I speak, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel,” There are some things that our God will do whether we pray or not but there are some things God will only do through the prayer of a righteous person that He will make powerful and effective!



We must believe in the power of God to answer our prayers or we simply will not pray. We not only won’t pray for ourselves and others but if we don’t believe in prayer it won’t be long we won’t be living righteous lives and we ourselves will be easy prey for Satan and his demons. Psalm 91:9-12: That verse might just make us think that praying in the Spirit of God just might bring about some miraculous answers to our prayers doesn’t it? Could it be time for each of us to take our prayer lives to the next level. Could it be time to strive to live a holy life so our prays take on the very power of God?