Preparing For God’s Spring!


Isaiah 43:16-21

INTRODUCTION: The faith and hope of God’s people was very low during the days of Isaiah and they constantly needed assurance that things would eventually turn around for them.  In spite of their backsliding God still loved them and through word pictures God described His love for them.  Isaiah 43:1-2.


      Isaiah 43:3-7: Isaiah not only reports God’s faithfulness to their forefathers but also tell them God will make it His business to go it again for them!  Our God can and will make a way in the wilderness as well as a way through the waters!  Sometimes it helps us to look to the past and see God’s faithfulness even during our times of failure in order to learn that nothing is impossible with our God: Jeremiah 32:27.  We can and should trust every promise our Lord has given to us: Isaiah 55:11.


      Sometimes we forget things too easily while at other times we hang on to the memories far too long.  In one sense Isaiah is saying look back at the past but you must not dwell on the past.  Sometimes we have to let go of our past to see the new thing God desires to work in our lives: Philippians 4:13-14; Isaiah 43:18-19.  Are you still living in your past when you could be living in the present?  What “former” things from your past do you have difficulty forgetting?  God is saying to you today: “I am wanting to do a new thing in your life.  I am wanting to spring forth now!”


      Isaiah 43:19: Isaiah brings the people to realize that God wants to spring a new thing in their lives.  Isaiah 42:9.  Now Isaiah is saying today is that day!  Our God wants us to keep looking for His new things in our lives, not get stuck on old problems.  Learn from your problems and move on to your new life!  When we become children of God our old life is over and our new life has just begun!  2 Corinthians 5:17.  Answers to prayers is one example of God’s new things in our lives.  Mark 4:26-28.  These verses give us an example of how God’s silent but certain gradual growth of all the vents our God has planned for our lives in His time.  Even when we don’t see the results of our prayers yet, God is working all things together for our good.  Once God begins His work in our lives it can happen suddenly and spring forth: Isaiah 43:18-19.  Just as in the Spring of the year the rebirth of nature—new beginnings.  The crocus breaks through the ground with purple blooms, the bright daffodils open up in a blast of color.  “Do you perceive it” asks the prophet.  Be on the outlook for indications of God’s spring in your life.  Don’t dwell on the past.  Begin to thank God in advance for doing a “new thing” in your life.  Expect a miracle to “spring forth and burst out” at this season of your life!