Is There Any Hope?

Is There Any Hope
Psalm 3:1-8

INTRODUCTION: In Psalm three King David is running for his life from his own son, Absalom and his army. The inscription right above the Psalm says: “A Psalm of David, when he fled from Absalom his son.” David asks a question of God that most of us may have asked at some time: “Is there any hope?” King David knew that God was his sustainer and protector. Our God is greater than our circumstances so we can always have hope! Remember, there are no hopeless situations with God: Romans 15:13.


It certainly seemed to King David that everyone was against him at that time of his life: Psalm 3:1-2; Psalm 3:6-7. David’s troubles started when he committed sin with Bathsheba and had her husband murdered to try to cover his sin: 2 Samuel 12:7-14. The good news is that God did forgive King David of his sin because David honestly confessed his sin: 1 John 1:9. But sadly, just as we all must learn, even though our sins are forgiven we will still reap what we have sown: Galatians 6:7-8. What became of what David had sown here was surely not what he thought would happen. His own son Absalom attempted to take the kingdom from him by force.


The situation for King David became so hopeless that he left the fortified city of Jerusalem and fled across the Jordan River. This was a desperate time for King David. David could not tell for sure who was with him and who was against him. 2 Samuel 15:12: Absalom had been setting up his conspiracy for a long time and his followers were growing by the day. Absalom was handsome, a gifted speaker, and a gifted liar who understood how to please the people of Israel and steal their hearts away from his father, David: 2 Samuel 15:1-6. Remember the hearts of men feed on lies. King David knew something about his God that Absalom did not know: Psalm 46:1. King David could count and the polls all said the same thing: David hasn’t got a chance! King David’s foes were increasing well his supporters were decreasing. Here again is how King David described his enemies: Psalm 3:6-7. At times in all of our lives it feels like the whole world is against us and they are because we are in the minority that are for our God. Jesus said: John 15:18-19. As long as our Lord lives there is hope for those who trust in Him. Since the Bible is true and the promises of God are still in effect we can have hope in every situation of life. Psalm 3:3-4; Psalm 118:6; Psalm 3:3.


Psalm 3:4: Even thou King David had been pushed off his throne; his God was still on His throne! Psalm 3:6: Not only does our God protect and encourage us He also sustains us. Our God carries us when we cannot carry ourselves. Even in this most dangerous time of his life David can still sleep: Psalm 3:5. We as God’s children can sleep while the world rages against us because our heavenly Father is still on His throne. Psalm 3:8: Remember deliverance is from our Lord! Psalm 3:2; Psalm 3:8: Deliverance belongs to King David’s heavenly Father and to our heavenly Father: Romans 8:31. Right now God is for you! Isaiah 49:16; 2 Chronicles 16:9. We all have done some very foolish things; but honest confession and repentance toward our God puts all that in our past! Is your heart fully committed to your God today?