Completely Satisfied!


Philippians 4:10-19

INTRODUCTION: Do you suffer from the fear of “fomo”? This may be the fastest growing fear in America today. “Fomo” is the “fear of missing out” on the latest social event, experience, or interaction. If you suffer from “fomo” you can never be satisfied with where you are at any given point in time, nor with whatever possessions you may have. Today, what is most important to most people is satisfaction: getting what we want when we want it. Our entire American economy is driven by perpetual discontent. The apostle Paul gives us three things we can choose to do to reach and maintain complete satisfaction.


Paul commended the church at Philippi because they did all they could to meet his needs while he was in prison: Philippians 4:10-12. There is a secret to be learned on being satisfied in this life and Paul had learned it. In the school of life, God is our teacher and school is never out and we never graduate. A disciple is a learner. One of the greatest lessons our Lord wants to teach us is how to live completely satisfied with life as God’s brings it to us. Paul learned that if you have everything without God you have nothing. If you have nothing but you have God you have everything. Paul made up his mind to be satisfied with who he was, what he had, and wherever God had him.


We will never be able to be completely satisfied with who we are, with what we have, or where God has placed us on our own. That is why Paul said: Philippians 4:13. Paul was not teaching here that he could do whatever he wanted to through Christ. But that through Christ he could learn to be content with who God made him to be, with where God had put him, and with what God had given to him. We must learn to stop griping about what we don’t have, where we are not, and who we are; instead we must simply learn to be content right where we are. God’s purpose for each of us is to learn to totally satisfied with our relationship with Him. We can overcome “fomo!” We can learn the secret of being content with exactly what our Lord has for our lives!


Let me ask: “If you knew that you were right in the middle of God’s will for your life, that you had exactly what God wanted you to have, and that God is in control of your life; would you then be completely satisfied? Here is some wonderful news: Philippians 4:19. If you will put God’s kingdom first do you know you have exactly that promise? Matthew 6:28-34. If there is a real need in your life, God has promised to meet that need. If God hasn’t meet what you think of as a real need yet, one of two things is true. First, what you think is a real need in your life may not be. Second, you really don’t need that yet! So often we want our need met in our time and in our way. God wants you to know that He knows exactly what you need and when you really need it. Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose from the dead to teach us that we can be totally satisfied in this life, we can be totally satisfied at the end of this life, and we will surely be totally satisfied with the life to come! Keep in mind our Lord is the source, the supply, and the fulfillment of all our needs!