A Word We Hardly Use In Church!


Psalm 122:1

INTRODUCTION: In our house there are some words that are off-limits for use.  We in the Church have a word that is hardly ever used that should be used much more often: “Excitement!”  Every person here tonight loves it when life excites you.  What is it that excites you most in your life?  The answer to that question will quickly tell you if you are walking in the Spirit or in the flesh.  When something good happens in our lives we get excited!  In times of excitement we normally do three things: 1. We embrace the excitement! 2. We enjoy it!  3. We exclaim it!


How long has it been since you got excited about Jesus Christ and His Church?  Worship? Or the Things of God?  Excitement runs all through the Bible for God’s people.  Psalm 122:1: rejoiced is a powerful word that shows a powerful picture of the needed attitude that gives power to God’s people!  When we sing “Get All Excited!” do you still get excited?  We serve a living God and that should excite us!  We need to find our excitement in the joy of the Lord because that is our strength!  Nehemiah 8:10.  Joy is a big word in the Bible.  “Joy” is used over 230 times and “rejoice” over 250 times.  God loves us and has come so we might have an abundant life: John 10:10-11.  Without Jesus we had no hope, no lasting future but with Him we have hope for this life and for all eternity!


Can you imagine how excited Simon Peter, his brother Andrew were when Jesus called them to follow Him?  Matthew 4:18-20.  How do we know they were excited?  It is because they left their boats and their families to follow the Lord!  Just think how excited the people were when our Lord Jesus made the triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  Matthew 21:1-11.  Everywhere Jesus went excitement followed Him.


One of the most exciting stories Jesus told was the woman at the well.  John 4:1-30.  When this woman realized who Jesus was she got excited!  She embraced the truth so much she left her water pot!  This was life and death!  She knew she had finally met the One who could and did change her life!  She was finally forgiven, freed, and alive on the inside!  She enjoyed being around others which she probably had not done in a long time.  She exclaimed the truth she had embraced without any embarrassment!  She shouted “Come see a man!”  This reminds us of the story told in John 9:1-13 of the healing of the born blind.  The legalists were so caught up in the details they were not happy.  But the man born blind knew the truth and he was excited to the maximum!  John 9:14-34.  How long since you have been excited about the things of the Lord?  What word would you use to describe your spiritual life?  Would excited ever be used?  Does your heart ever jump in your chest when you just think of what the Lord might do in your life or the life of those you love?